In 1906 New York City a trio of young people come together to write a series of children’s books that echo down the generations in unexpected ways.

About Charlie

Charlie Lovett is a New York Times bestselling novelist and playwright whose plays for children have been seen in over 5000 productions worldwide. He hosts the podcast Inside the Writer’s Studio. He is a collector of Lewis Carroll materials (including Carroll’s 1888 typewriter) and has written many works on Carroll.

About Escaping Dreamland

Robert Parrish’s childhood obsession with series books like the Hardy Boys and Tom Swift inspired him to become an author. Just as his debut novel becomes a best-seller, his relationship with his girlfriend, Rebecca, begins to fall apart. Robert realizes he must confront his secret demons by fulfilling a youthful promise to solve a mystery surrounding his favorite series—the Tremendous Trio.

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New York Times bestseller Charlie Lovett talks with writers about their lives, their craft, their business, and their latest work.

“The one book every bibliophile needs to read.”

Bustle (The Lost Book of the Grail)

“Great Read.”

People Magazine (The Bookman’s Tale)

“[A] delightful tale of love and bibliophilia.”

Parade (The Bookman’s Tale)

“At its heart a love letter to fiction.”

Washington Post (First Impressions)

“A wonderful book about the power of stories and love.”

Greensboro News and Record (Escaping Dreamland)

“An ingenious novel.”

Publishers Weekly (First Impressions)